Professional Metal Buying Service

A: You will have the option to submit your quote for fulfillment. From there, one of our team members will reach out to confirm price availability and take payment. The same process will take place if you call or email a quote request.

We accept credit cards, wire transfer, or check. Unfortunately, cash is not an accepted form of payment.

Payment will be taken in advance to ensure your order will be ready for pick-up or delivery.

A: Our hours of operation are Monday-Friday from 8 am - 5 pm.

A: While we do not accept job plans or blueprints, you can send your information over in a variety of ways:

  • Via email with specific details (e.g., material, shape, dimensions, quantities) to [email protected]
  • Via phone with specific details (e.g., material, shape, dimensions, quantities) to (972) 316-9931
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Quality Assurance Our Policy

At Zen Metal Resources LLC, we believe in long-term business relationships with customers and ongoing customer satisfaction by supplying consistent quality products through the effective involvement of all employees and continual improvement of processes.

Quality assurance at Zen Metal starts with understanding the customer's requirement and continues till the customer is completely satisfied with the delivery of products and services. Quality control procedures are well-defined and thoroughly implemented.

Incoming Inspection

Incoming raw materials are the foundation for the final product. We make sure that we start with the best raw materials. Our suppliers are well-informed about our quality requirements.
Raw Materials are inspected for:

  • Chemical & Mechanical Properties
  • Surface Quality
In-Process Inspection

Process quality control procedures are defined to the minimum details. These procedures enable operators, supervisors, and quality control inspectors to produce the best quality products. Our production team is at the core of the quality assurance system.
In-process Materials are inspected for:

  • Dimensional Properties such as Tolerance, Lobbing, Out-of-roundness, Length, and Straightness.
  • Process Mechanical Properties such as Tensile, Elongation, Yield, Reduction of Area, and Hardness at the Core.
  • Surface Finish
Finished Goods Inspection

The quality assurance team in the finished goods department – we call them "Zen Metal Internal Customer."

They inspect materials from the customer's perspective. Our products comply with relative international standards such as ASTM, DIN, EN, BS, AMS, ASME, QQS, MIL, JIS, NACE, and others. Some of the related specifications are ASTM A193 / A276 / A320 / A479 / A582 & EN 10088-3. Test certifications comply with Euronorm EN 10204 3.1B / DIN 50049 3.1B.
Finished Goods are inspected for:

  • Surface Finish
  • Final Mechanical Properties
  • Mercury Contamination, Macro and Micro Properties, Inter Granular and Corrosion Properties
  • Packing, Color Coding, Marking
A factory floor with many machines and workers.